puch forks on a ciao

i think this is right, but wanted to make sure. i can get ahold of a set of puch forks for cheap, and i believe puch forks will fit on a ciao if i'm not mistaken..i might need to do some mods maybe, but i believe this will work...am i correct in this assumtion?

Re: puch forks on a ciao

I am trying to get some measurements in another thread, If you can measure the ciao maybe we can call 1977 mopeds and ask them about the others...

Re: puch forks on a ciao

i just went up to warbux, and from what we've been looking at, i think this will be compatible...stay tuned, as i think i'm going to have to cut off my current front forks, because i think the handle bars are seized on the forks

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