Kinetic TFR forks - EBR?

Hi, I searched both repair and tuning and found only one post on this, and it was in a list of mods that a ciao owner threw up in response to a "how to I supe up my tfr" post.

My problem is real and that is I am close to 200lb and the whole front end bounces up and down excessively when I pedal. I say excessively because the ability to roll around and bounce the front is one of the things I like about mopeds.

Can anyone please confirm the EBR forks fit on the TFRs and/or suggest any others, hopefully hydraulic or air/gas? Is there any way/trick/adjustment to make the stock ones stiffer, short of getting custom springs made?



Re: Kinetic TFR forks - EBR?

Hey I am not sure, but this might help a little, there is guy in mosquito fleet that I heard took the front shocks and wheel off a tfr and put them on his ciao for the better braking power, so maybe they are interchangeable, which means an ebr might work, I have been looking into this as well.

Re: Kinetic TFR forks - EBR?

i think that the ebr forks will work on the vespa. bret from the creatures told me something about the technix ones that they sell on will fit a ciao, and said they are adjustable. however, they're a bit long because they are magnum length, so i don't know how thats going to look on a ciao, but they might be alright on a kinetic

Re: Kinetic TFR forks - EBR?

thanks, I will have to get some dimentions, how long are the ciao forks from top of tripple tree to axle, and how tall is the triple tree itself? if anyone could throw a measuring tape against them for me please, also if anyone has some taken apart if they could measure the diameter and length of the mounting neck.

This might be a good chance to gather the info on other makes and models as well to build up a small cross-reference database. wink wink*

Re: Kinetic TFR forks - EBR?

I see puch, puch magnum, and tomos, and they don't say on the disk brake/oil conversion so it may fit both/many..

If anyone has puch, tomos, or other measurements and would be so kind to provide them It would be much appreciated :).

97 Kinetic TFR front fork measurements

Top of tripple tree to where it's even with the axle nut (it is set back about an inch) - 24"

Triple tree/neck length - 7"

approximate neck diameter (without dissasembling) - 1.5"

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