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what is the best carb for a tomos. also what size should i run with a kit pipe custom intake to match what ever carb i put on and an ignition upgrade?

Re: best carb

large dellorto...depending on how much actual tuning you want to do either get a SHA(little tuning) or PHBG(lots of tuning)

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im buying a phgb but there at 17,18,19,20,and 21 mm carbs, also there is the race version which is powder coated and has easier access to the jet and mix planning on goin all out,

List of mods on order and in process making

airsal 70cc kit approx 67cc

matched casings

custom sanded reeds from a yz125

custom intake manifold to fit what ever carb i get

msd ignition coil

msd 8.5 mm plug wire

wiring harness upgraded to 16 gauge woven copper wire

brand new bottom end bearings

puch or athena high compression head not sure which one im goin with yer

uni filter

new wheel bearings

27 tooth front sprocket not sure about rear waiting on that

custom clutch pads with cut second gear spring

what carb should i run???

Re: best carb

I really don't see the need to go to big on the carb. What you have to consider is how much the reedvalve and cylinder port can flow. Compare the area of the intake port opening, and reedvalve to the carb size to come to a conclusion.

The Puch Polini has a flat reedvalve like your airsal. And its reedvalve can't flow much more than a 15 or 16mm carb. Now I don't know about your modifications to your valve. But on the polini they switch to a pyramid reedvalve when going to a bigger carb then that. I do recommend the PHBG carb however do to its tuneability.

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i was actually thinking of making a custom reed cage. like one off of a 50cc 2 stroke dirtbike. if i do that then i can run a boyseen rad valve. i haven't quite figured out how to match it up im going to need to make an adapter and spacer to fit the cage

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Tomos Airsals seem to do well with small carbs, seems lots of people are running 14mm's. It might be the small transfers on the cylinder. Anything over 15mm and you'll have to build your own intake manifold.

Re: best carb

On a reed valve set up the intake port is open a longer time than a piston port so a smaller carb is actually better

Re: best carb

what would happen if i eliminated the reed valve and tapered the port with a custom intake manifold. how would a smaller carb make more power? i know there is a limit to to big but as long as my other mods alow the engine to flow that much air and burn that much fuel im sure my engine could take a 17 or 18 mm carb.

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If you removed the reed valve it probably wouldn't run, so you wouldn't get much gain from that.

Re: best carb

would the piston port airsal 70cc kit for a puch fit and run well on my tomos?

Re: best carb

Sure. You can make it work. You'll just be slower.

Trust me. That reedvalve is your friend.

Re: best carb

I am in love with my Mikuni VM20 20mm carb. Main jet is on the float bowl.

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