thinking about putting a kit on my maxi. see that there are a couple options, which ones do you guys recommend.

i see that treats has one that is a 70 cc for 100 bucks (seems cheap) says it is a 70 cc tccd kit. there are also metra and parma kits available through him.

any input is appreciated.

Re: kits

there has been much discussion recently about the tccd kit in this forum if you search ofor it....and on all the other kits...its all a bout what you want out of it. use the search and you will find a wealth of info.

Re: kits

the 65cc metrakit is really nice. All you do is bolt it on and break it in.

Re: kits


Re: kits

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

No work with good results: 65cc metra

Some work with awesome results: Polini

Lots of work with pants-shitting results: 80cc metra

Re: kits

Listen to Migunkin, Metrakit is the way to go with minimal tuning.

Re: kits

metrakit rocks but your gonna wanna port match,it only takes a few minutes to do with a drill.

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