Uni Filter Fit to Puch Bing 1/14/164

So I just got this UNI foam filter for my Puch Maxi (Murray). I don't know if it just wasn't supposed to, or if the carb for a Murray is different than a normal Puch Maxi, but it didn't fit. Not really even close.

Filter in question: http://www.1977mopeds.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22_110&products_id=208

Found this at Autozone that fits pretty perfectly, PCV valve grommet 42052:

Second pic is just with it on a little bit to test the fit, it will slide all the way on, and fits pretty tight.

Re: Uni Filter Fit to Puch Bing 1/14/164

hey i just stuck one of those on my maxi today. it was a little pain in the neck but i got it on. you just gotta force it till it works. i don't know about the whole set up on murrays though. i would suggest just push that thing on till it goes. i don't know i guess i'm just the type of guy who doesn't give up. but yeah. good luck. maybe you could turn the manifold around?

Re: Uni Filter Fit to Puch Bing 1/14/164

Push it on till it goes? Thats not the problem. Its to large. Not a tight fit at all. You don't have to push very hard with this filter.

Nice save with the grommet. I'll have to get me one of them. Most just use rubber hose as a spacer.

Re: Uni Filter Fit to Puch Bing 1/14/164

I think it's a Murray difference, the air inlet to the carb is way smaller than the opening from the UNI filter. If you look at the first image, the two holes facing up, left the UNI filter, right the air inlet to the carb; those are the parts that need to meet up to mount the air filter. No matter how much I tighten down that hose clamp it's not going to take up that much space to let the two meet.

The stock air filter was different too, I'll have to get a picture of it. It was a sort of plastic cylinder with a metal mesh filter, and had a piece of pipe inside with a small opening on both ends to restrict the airflow.

Re: Uni Filter Fit to Puch Bing 1/14/164

I've ordered one of those UNI filters, and so has my buddy, and they were never close to fitting any bing I've ever had. It's just a bad description, they don't fit as far as I know, but your solution is the best one I've ever seen! I ended up cutting mine and over lapping it, while tightening the hell out of it on the clamp.

Re: Uni Filter Fit to Puch Bing 1/14/164

Vlado vlado /

You could go to denniskirk.com

click on products for off road, then intake & fuel, click on UNI logo and select by the air intake diameter, angled or straight and the lenght...quite sellection.

The best is to get the person to talk with and order by the phone to avoid any mistake; they charge for shipping so the total price comes to about $25.-

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