top speed on kinetic tfr?

how fast (mph) do you think i could get my kinetic tfr? i have a dellorto 13/13 carb [which i have yet to install], and i am considering either a biturbo [from 1977] or proma circuit exhaust and a 70cc malossi speed kit. i weight 150. any ideas?

Re: top speed on kinetic tfr?

🦺πŸ₯‡b to the MOPO 🚨🚨🚨 eff /

I've taken my tfr up to about 45. It wasn't exactly a very nice experience though.

Re: top speed on kinetic tfr?

I weigh around 200, on my 97 I run the 13.13 with the mallossi-style high flow filter, 'fixed' (un-squashed and squared) polini pipe (haven't gotten around to welding up my estoril tecno), and the stock cylinder and piston (ported), and slightly shaved head. I get going 40+ on flat according to speedo, radar speed signs show more like 35. Pipe helped top speed, porting and shaving helped with getting up there, and on inclines (i can maintain 30s now). and the carb helped everything all around.

I am sitting here and greasing up a 65cc kit with engine assembly lube, will let you know when it dried up out there and I get it broken and tuned in. I am hoping to hit solid 40s and at least 35 on inclines with the kit and case porting, I imagine you could go faster weighing a quarter less.

Then of course you can get a variator setup. The engines and drive lines are vespa clones so you can make it as fast as any vespa if you want to spend the time and $.

Re: top speed on kinetic tfr?

mine is variated

polini kit

13.13 carb

proma curcuit

44 tops but i weigh 250, its scary that fast!!!

Re: top speed on kinetic tfr?

Shout out grim, my folks live in Lynnbronx, I'm up there all the time, never seen you out and about would love to come by and take a look. Will prolly variate mine as well when I find the parts.

Re: top speed on kinetic tfr?

Oh yeah, grim, did you port match your case to the funky circular cutout polini ports, seems the malossi kits have triangular ports like stock but bigger, looks like there is going to be barely any sealing wall left if i port unless I shave the case mating surfaces down flush with the case.

Re: top speed on kinetic tfr?

i actuallly moved, now i live in seattle, i didnt case match yet because im not sure there is enough wall to do it yet. you should come check her out

Re: top speed on kinetic tfr?

thanks for the responses guys!

here is another question: should i go malossi or polini on the speed kit? i'm indifferent, and i would like to get the opinion of people who know more about this stuff before i throw down some cash.

also, how much cash would i have to shell out to get mine variated? any suggestions?

Re: top speed on kinetic tfr?

try this guy, he worked great for me!!!!, oh and if you are gonna go with a kit either is fine, you can get the polini from kevin at seattle mopeds, He is a good guy, and seems to know his s!tuff, I have bought almost everything through him, except thte variater setup, Start hitting ebaay for these parts , you will have to get a belt from zippy.

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