Seam Welding & strengthening?

Have any of you guys noticed problems around the motor or frame where seams may come apart? I'm wondering if it would add any value if I added some weld around some of the seams (weld over spot-welded areas with seam weld) to give strength?

Re: Seam Welding & strengthening?

of course. And Iam surprised to see that some stock forks are just spot or 'blob' welded

Re: Seam Welding & strengthening?

Tom Winston /

Thinking about getting an aftermarket fork - or should I just keep the stock fork and weld it? Thoughts? I don't want to spend a ton of $$$ on this thing but I also want it to be fun and safe. Motor is almost done and since it's a bit bigger I'll want some strength in the bike.

Where else other than front forks would be a good place to look?

Re: Seam Welding & strengthening?

hey my girlfriend is from charlestown. i live in newton. if you think the only flaw with your forks are the welds then why not weld it better. if you think the springyness is the issue or there is no dampening then go for aftermarket if they do make one for a vespa that is

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