Has anybody ever dyno tested? I would be really curious to see what gains are made at various stages of tune, ie, with pipe and 15mm carb on stock top end, then with a kit, bump up the carb, then with a crank.

Can these things even spin a dyno?

Re: dynos

nick from the ghost riders built one, he could never balanced the two rollers so he gave up.

Re: dynos

the dynos used for these bikes would most likely be the very small scooter dyno's found in europe.

alot of police cars in europe carry portable dynos for the reason of their certian HP limits on certain scooters. pull over a tuner scooter, dyno the bike, if too high horsepower, then owner gets fined real good.

Re: dynos


i wonder who makes em?

i've been working on a brake dyno for awhile, got some parts together, kinda on-and-off project.

Re: dynos

we're gonna finish nick's dyno this winter, so when he comes back from argentina, it will be ready!

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