Di-Moby Question

The Di-Moby clutch, is it swapable for a variator or are the cranks different?



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Swap away! No difference in the cranks. The nuts are different though... the variator one is deeper.


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Sweet! My friend just scored two 40's the hard tail ones. '75 era.

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do the dimoby ones have the same pivot point though? and the spring that pushes the engine back?

Re: Di-Moby Question

for sure

Re: Di-Moby Question

Looks like Brent and I are gonna be building some Dragon Slayers over the winter.....Basicly copying your work Peter, we are not gonna miss the Tail of the Dragon this year if there is or is not another organized moped run

Re: Di-Moby Question

Sweet! Treats HQ and quarterkick.com should be a good source for performance stuff. Hit me up if you have any questions.

Re: Di-Moby Question

Sure will Peter! Looks like the first thing we are gonna need are some av10 cases from RCV-team The one engine he wound up with out of the two bikes is stuck. And I want av-10 power for my 50v

baby steps

Plus thanks to you and bret elliot mabecane dsw and everyone who has been dishin out the Moby Knowledge these last couple months it should be just a matter of waiting for money to get parts and then waiting for parts and then assembly..

hope it is that easy

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