Time for me to complain

So I spent the night workin on my ped. Put in a new clutch, did a few other things, go to take it for a test ride, go up the block, spin around and see the blues and reds flashin.

I got a ticket for riding without a helmet 400 ft in front of my house. Never even left my block. Yeah yeah, the law is the law, I know, but fuck. The cop could see my house. Cut me some slack, its a moped.

One thing I miss about chicago. Lack of helmet laws.

I have grown quite accustom to wearing them, and am kind of glad we have it here, cause I never wore one before, but in cases like this, i miss it.

Oh yeah, my late uncle was a HUGE part of the reason there is no helmet law in chicago. He was the greatest man alive. So all you Chi-town kids that ride without a help, say a little thanks to my uncle. This ticket goes out to you Dave "the dogkiller" White.

end bitching.

Re: Time for me to complain

oops wrong section.

Re: Time for me to complain

haha sux balls yo, not so free anymore r ya

sry dudder

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