Best choice intake for A35 engine

which intake is the best to use or modify for my a35 engine, i will have to modify it when i put on a larger carb but i lost my original angled intake that was stock some where in my garage when i had it apart installing my airsal 67cc kit and now i need to replace the intake so i was thinking the center, older a35 intake might be better for flow as long as i keep it short so i can squeeze it between the frame, i'd like to know what everyone uses to basically attach there custom intakes up to the reed cage and intake opening on the cylinder. I made one from aluminum and jb welded copper tubing to it on a 90 degree bend but the tubing is only 15.8 mm and i'm afraid it might be too restictive but seeing i'm still running a stock carb thats a dellorto 14/12 it should be ok for now, please give me some ideas what to use so i can order one asap and get it on my ped, thanx!

-Jamie Papp-

Bridgeport, CT.

Re: Best choice intake for A35 engine

hey sorry i didnt get backon ur email, ur intake is out and you should have it soon. here my setup and it works fine, 14mm' ish diameter intake


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