remove magneto cover or not?

i see lots of ppl running with no cover ,is this to keep the mag bearing cool. since the only lube it get is from the gas oil mix.

Re: remove magneto cover or not?

i say no, seems like you're asking for your points to get ruined. i ride with everything else gone! i'm all for stripping a ped naked. fenders, rims turn signals..those giant brake lights, side covers, chain guards, but flywheel covers? i'd keep those in place, because thats the guts of the moped. seems like a bad idea to me. if your adjusting timing, and tuning the bike, thats ok for like 5 minutes i guess...but not too too long

Re: remove magneto cover or not?

Running without a cover is not good for anything, except for seeing if your points open good and there's no sparks between em.

The cover keeps rain and dirt out, so it's wise to run with a cover.

Re: remove magneto cover or not?

I don't run a mag cover or fairings, not because it looks good, but because it makes access easier. If I'm broken down and becoming late for work, I don't want to be fucking with fairing.

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