malossi intake?

does any one know what the malossi part number is for the four petal reed valve intake that fits the puch polini 64cc cylinder?

Re: malossi intake?

Lets see if this works.

or the 21mm one

If not go to the malossi web catalog and select peugeot 103 and then search down for the reed valve manifold.

I think thats what your looking for right?

Re: malossi intake?

so the peugeot intake bolts up the same as the polini kit for puch

Re: malossi intake?

As far as I know there is no malossi intake for the puch polini and everyone uses the peugeot 103 malossi reed kit. I think the bolt pattern is the same, we'll see what other posters have to say.

Re: malossi intake?

works for me thanks!

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