tomos lx help

what are your thoughts on putting a 31 tooth front sprocket on a 2007 tomos lx. what are the modifactions that are needed? ty

Re: tomos lx help

John Joedicke /

You will need to grind and hack the chain case into the Magneto side. Why not change the rear to a 20 and get 27 for the front, will give you almost the same thing without the butcher job.

Re: tomos lx help

although a great idea the only problem is you will never get anywhere if you live in a hilly area. You will certainly go fast but at the cost of butchering your acceleration. i run a 27 front 22 rear on a 1990 Tomos Golden Bullet and hit about 40 flat and 45 downhill the only real modification is that i use a expansion exhaust. Oh if it helps as an idea of terrain i live in richmond. although its mostly flat there are some hills (seven to be exact)

Re: tomos lx help

wow i feel like an idiot...i should have looked to see where you live first...what i said above is true but living in NJ hills arent really a problem as far as i know...although you willl lack acceleration, what double said above will work well for you

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