86 and still RICH!


polini kitted garelli

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velocity stack intake

Thats my set up, I started with 96 main jet, and now I'm down to an 86. It SEEMS to run rich though I have not run a plug chop. Does not make a whole lotta sense. Seems like most out there with similar parts to these will run jets up into the 100's IDK what to do with mine.

It will really choke at the acceleration, but once its moving and all throughout the middle range to high range with the speed, the motor begins to purr, but when I'm going down hiil and give it gas it just seems to get choked up and the engine cant catch up the speed I"m coasting at. Sometimes there will be a pop noise (or quick little tsst) too, sounds like air escaping maybe, Or some sorta backfire. But only happens seldomely when I'm trying to get it to go and its being all 4 strokey, missin explosions. Should I risk dropping down one more jet size? I beleive I've got an 82 on hand.

I feel like its almost there though, are there some other phbg adjustments you all would recomend fondling around with at this point?

I pulled the plug out after running it around the streets of clifton for a little bit. It was no kosher plug chop though. The plug looks dark tan to brown moca color (which looks good) but then around where the plug seals it seemed to be oily. Maybe its just getting drowned during idling and throughout the midrance powerband.

Alot of ranting, I was just hoping to get a few thoughts out of you all who may have had some experience with this. Thanks!!!!


Re: 86 and still RICH!

oh heres a random picture I found in wired while I was at work the other day too. Peeps it.


Re: 86 and still RICH!

I think this moped is supposed to be in disquise to perform mass espionage among the toilet clubbers.

Re: 86 and still RICH!

doug. lets get together tonight and figure this out.

Re: 86 and still RICH!

you can also try to let more air into the carb.

Re: 86 and still RICH!

sounds good to me I'll holler at ya this evening.

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