did the welder guy ruin my pipe

so at the pink socktober rally I went to this weekend my baffle on my technigas fell off. first thing today I go and get that bitch welded back on, everything seems alright. Until I ride with my buddy that I let ride my pacer, and he is passing me with ease. which my bike has always been about 4 mph faster. I thought, either jetting or my pipe got welded on the inside. Sure enough...there are weld beads clogging up the inside of my engine. Just wanting a little reassurance that this is causing my performance issue, right? Solution?

Re: did the welder guy ruin my pipe

the inside of your engine? you mean the inside of the pipe? and by the baffle breaking off do you mean the header?

if there is a whole bunch of extra weld in there yeah it could mess up the flow. he should have ground that out, but thats also assuming he understands how they work. dont be so quick to jump on the guy that helped you. remember, the pipe was broken before you brought it to him. easy enough to fix if you are polite with the guy im sure he would do it for free.

easy to do yourself too, just grind that shit out.

Re: did the welder guy ruin my pipe

It's on the inside of the pipe. On a technigas it comes out of the engine, expansion chamber, then twists up and back around and there, where the baffle chamber bolts on is where it was broken. Simple weld, tons of weld beads on the inside. pretty sure I lost some top speed. I'm going to the guy to see if he'll grind it out. I assume he doesn't understand how that shit works

Re: did the welder guy ruin my pipe

🦺πŸ₯‡b to the MOPO 🚨🚨🚨 eff /

Solution: file / grind down the weld beads on the inside. If you can see them, you can remove them. You might need a long tool (possibly a dremel with extender bit, or a flex-shaft tool). Easy work, just time consuming.

And make sure to clean all the metal shavings out when you're done!

Re: did the welder guy ruin my pipe

thanks bros... down Set...hut hut hut hut hut hut hut HIIIIKEE!

Re: did the welder guy ruin my pipe

I went and bought a dremel tonight and got most of it out, but I ruined my dremel bits too quickly to do a satisfactory job. Tommorow I'll get more bits and finish that. I think I'll try dremelling out my intake manifold too. I definitely recommend anyone that doesn't have one of these to get one and put it to good use.

Re: did the welder guy ruin my pipe

get one of those carbide bits. they are creyzi loud, but work good.

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