quick question, if i want a higher top end do i put a larger rear sprocket on?

what about acceleration, what do i want on there for better acceleration.

i ride a fixed gear bike and was using that knowledge thinking i would want a larger rear sprocket for higher top end and lower one for acceleration but someone said different and it confused me.

any help is appreciated.

Re: sprockets

the bigger the rear sprocket the more torque and less top speed

the bigger the front sprocket the less more more speed.

Re: sprockets

Big rear and small front = more torque/acceleration but less top speed

Small rear and big front = less torque/acceleration but mor top speed

Re: sprockets

cool thanks, seems like an easy way to get some extra speed out of your ped

Re: sprockets


Re: sprockets

no its not easy. u need to make a new chain most of the time when you change sprockets. its also a direct correlation between speed gain and torque loss. who cares how fast u can go if it takes you 10 minutes to get going that fast.

Re: sprockets

downgrading about 4 rear size works good as a start, but u can fiddle about more if you find you dont need the amount of torque/speed

Re: sprockets

In my area torque isn't needed as much as speed, so for me upping the sprockets for speed is the way to go. If I want more torque I can always shave the head.

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