tomos sprint sprockets

What would be the best rear and front sprockets to get more bottom end power, And work well with a technigas exhaust or biturbo exhaust for top end?

Re: tomos sprint sprockets

John Joedicke /


Re: tomos sprint sprockets

I have the 28/22 set up and it's not all that much worse than a 27/22 setup.

you do notice it on hills if you don't have a head start though.

Re: tomos sprint sprockets

yeah thats what im worried about hills. Cause im planning on going to asheville (NC) in the mountains and i want a good set up

Re: tomos sprint sprockets

for low end you want a smaller front sprocket. stock is 26, go 25.

for high end you want a bigger front sprocket 27 tooth.

for low end you want bigger back sprocket. your stock is 22 teeth.

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