Puch crank case mod

Hey all I just got my pollini 64cc kit for my puch and when matching up the base gasket I notice that it doesnt match the crankcase.

Upon reading the manual it says for best performance radius the crank case. I would guess that it means cut away that extra casing material?

What would be the best tool to do this? Is this mod optional just to get better performance or should it be done? Never heard of people needing to mod the case for a pollini.


Re: Puch crank case mod

actually almost all of us mod our cases. its called port matching. if you search "polini port match" in the performance section you will see thousands of posts on it.

Re: Puch crank case mod

ok cool its just that I thought the kit was just bolt on and I havent heard of anyone doing it.

What tool do you use to perform this?

Re: Puch crank case mod

there are many different methods. the most common way is a dremel with grinding and sanding bits. use the gasket to mark what needs to be matched with a sharpie. then get in there and start grinding. there are a lot of dos and donts though.

i really reccomend doing a search on the subject before you attempt anything yourself.

Re: Puch crank case mod

Check this thread out regarding case porting.

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