Is this a good idea?

My 78 Newport is basicly 100 percent perfect stock. Photo attached.

However I want to make it faster (of course).

I am looking at some kits and I am not sure on the Polini or the metrakit 65cc. or whatever else is out there for that matter. I am assuming the metrakit is faster. What are some suggestions for kits and even other items, pipes, carbs etc. Should I re-gear as well? I use this in good weather as a daily rider around 30 miles rountrip.

Things I want the moped to do:


Re: Is this a good idea?

a good kit/bigger carb/performance exhaust should get you 45-50 no problem, maybe faster. I personally dont have any problem adding performance parts onto a clean original moped, just dont cut or torch anything, and hang onto the stock parts so you can put it back to stock if you want.

Re: Is this a good idea?

The metrakit is a mid-rev cilinder. So it has good low end and good mid revs, but it isn't blazing fast (it is fast however)

The polini is a real screamer. With the right gearing & exhaust it will go very fast at top speed. Take off is a little less then the metrakit.

Re: Is this a good idea?

metrakit for a beginner modder. metrakit, 16 front sproket 40 rear sproket, 15mm carb and 15mm intake, homoet exhaust. actually you can just get a bullet and accomplish 45mph with that setup. but there you go.

1. front and rear gears: $40

2. Metrakit: $140

3. 15mm Carb: $90

4: Bullet Expansion Exhaust: $70

done, and done

Re: Is this a good idea?


How much of a differance on gass mileage after all said and done. I ride a 30 mile round trip to work and back city driving so lots of stop and go.

Re: Is this a good idea?

Just don't want to run out half way through.

Re: Is this a good idea?

You can still drive 30 miles without refueling :P

Expect a lil increase in consumption, but not drasticly. I used to do 56 miles on a tank with a Puch Maxi 70cc tuned, Proma Warrior & Dell'orto PHBG 18mm.

Re: Is this a good idea?

That homoet pipe looks sweet. The bullet is cool too! What is the difference between all these pipes! I saw a post where Harold broke it down but can find it now. The bullet is chrome and the Biturbo is gold is that the only difference? Gold would look the business on my moped.

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