2 Stroke Tuners Handbook

I am posting this as a separate link just so someone can search it maybe. only maybe because people dont seem to ever try search or something.


i have dial up so it is very slow to load but worth every second of wait time. of course anyone who wants to download it as a pdf into their puter and then email it to me as an attachment would definately be invited to my birthday party and can sit right beside me and have extra cake!

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Also found here:


because data redundancy is a good thing

Re: 2 Stroke Tuners Handbook



wish you could edit your posts in this forum

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they are different books but both good

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I wish there were stickies.....

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What do you mean different books? It's the same pdf even, Gordon Jenning's Archivek just has a pic of a nice new cover from a slightly different edition looks like.

crack*, I see your wish for stickies and raise you preview and edit/erase post, and better search functionality.

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Well anyways etc.. and by the way, tnx for a most usefull link.


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WariSesi /

thanx much guys and someone was super sweet and emailed me the file and is definately getting an extra piece of cake at my birthday party.

i have to snatch copies of such things off the interweb because of this confounded dialup i have to suffer with, just trying to read a pdf online takes 5 minutes or longer just to load. without even having highspeed it means that even ma loads slow while i wait for a pdf in a second window.

AND stickies preview edit erase and better search would be excellent, _actually people using search the way it is now would be a bonus_.

okay im done whining for now, thanx

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I see your stickies and raise you wiki (but someone beat us to it )

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honestly I think there needs to be some sort of required reading, growing up in a military family I heard RTFM countless times, oh and what a fucking manual it is. its just math but some folks are afraid of algebra

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lol, dang, i fold :p

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