So I have a sparta foxi. And i have a puch bullet coming, and I have a 14 mm bing carb and a high flow airfilter. SO when I get the exhaust Im gunna put on the carb, airfilter and exhaust. The carb has a 70 jet in it right now. Should I go bigger or smaller. Any Idea on what size I should go. The carb was running on a stock puch cobra before.

Re: Jet

70 is going to be very close to what you need.

What's more important it the size of the old intake. If it was small, you aren't going to need a bigger jet.

I just put a 15mm bing on with a KN filter on a stock Magnum with the E50. It runs with an Estoril. The 15mm comes with an 82 jet....and I'm running rich.

I would guess the 14mm with a 70 is going to be very close. Obviously, everyone's running conditions are going to be different. Do what everyone else has done, and do a plug chop. Go buy 4 or 5 jets from 68-74 and test them. That's really the only way.

I'm in the same boat right now.......

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