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what can i do to my tomos sprint to increase the speeds to 40-45mph for around $150. Im new to all this stuff so if someone could walk me through that would be great

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Which engine do you have?

Pipe, Carb, Airbox, Intake, Gearing, Kits...etc....

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good luck finding an intake!

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I have a Tomos Sprint. Put a tecnigas exhaust($160), high flow air filter($15), 22t sprocket($15), up jetted($4) and consistently hit abot 40mph. You're gonna be hard pressed to spend less that what I did. You might be able to knock $50 bucks by getting the a55 bitutbo when they come out in a few weeks.

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I have a 2006 Sprint. Stock it did about 30ish, the speedo's on the bike are off.

Anyways, my mods thus far are Tecno Estoril (105), 61 jet (3), speed holes in airbox, main hole through frame bored out (0). With this it runs an easy 40 on flats, and in super tuck mode will do 45.

I am waiting for a 22t rear and 27t front (40) and that should add a bit more speed.

My brother is running the same above setup (minus sprockets) on an 01 Targa and is doing the same speeds. The estoril is awesome and treatshq has them.

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My ped went 125 on the salt flats with an airsal kit and nitrous, stock pipe and jetting. I spent 30 bucks on the airsal cuz it blew up once and i got the nitrous at the exxon. Im 15 years old and i live in jersey.

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