cimatti 77 city bike

what has been done to these peds to make them fast and have some balls for hill climbs?

Re: cimatti 77 city bike

I miss my Cimatti City Bike.

Re: cimatti 77 city bike

search and you shall find, they run the minarelli V1 motor.

Re: cimatti 77 city bike

Im working on one right now. First thing i noticed the 14:9 carv, gonna bore that out, drill the jet, plus last night I made a sick aluminum intake. .687 ID .0625 wall thickness. As for the jug I open the intake port by about 2mm on each side. I didn't change the highth. We will see what happens tonite..

I'll post some pics of the intake in a few after lunch

Re: cimatti 77 city bike

Here is a shot of the intake I made compared to the original


Re: cimatti 77 city bike

dang crackstar! That is exactly what I need done for my a35! No one makes a larger intake for the tomos sprint. my girlfriend has a polini 70cc on her city bike.

Re: cimatti 77 city bike

I think I have an A35 engined tomos in my shop send a pic of yours so i can compare. I'll talk to my welder and work out a price...



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