ZA-50 or E-50 for Puch Maxi?

So I've got a ZA-50 in pristine condition and definitely want more out of it.

I'm hesitant to kit it, however, due to limited mechanical capabilities, potential problems associated with these motors, etc.

Can anyone recommend a reliable solution to either kit or maximize performance on this engine? Also, something that won't be terribly difficult to fix down the line..

I'm considering swapping the ZA with an E-50 altogether..

Any advice?


Re: ZA-50 or E-50 for Puch Maxi?

Noah -

From everything I've seen and heard, the ZA50 will do just fine with a moderate kit on it. I rode yesterday with a guy on an '85 Puch 2-Speed that was had:

64 Polini

15 Dellorto

Power filter

LeoVinci Pipe.

It RIPPED. The trick? He said you just drive it normally through 1st gear. You can crank on it, but when it goes to shift, you back off a bit on the gas....don't let it jamb at high revs. He's had it for over 200 miles now and it runs great....up to 50mph...or more.

You could conceivable throw some heavier clutch springs on it.....but I don't think you'll even have to do that. It's a PUCH. They're built to last.

Obviously an E50 would leave you with zero hesitations....but you shouldn't have any issues kitting a ZA50.

Re: ZA-50 or E-50 for Puch Maxi?

i roll with the e50 single speed. but have heard of great things with the za50's accelleration. if you're going to kit it, just upgrade all the parts that go with it, so it doesn't break..get the clutch springs, crank...etc..

Re: ZA-50 or E-50 for Puch Maxi?

i dont think they make a crank for the ZA50

Re: ZA-50 or E-50 for Puch Maxi?

would you be able to fit a korado crank or something like that in there? do they have anything thats compatible shay?

Re: ZA-50 or E-50 for Puch Maxi?

Kit the za-50 with a 70cc Airsal ! Big carb, Good pipe and radical gearing! When it does break, eventually, then get an E-50, and put all the same parts on that. The clutch on the E-50 will have to be modified a bit, to pull the gear. But enjoy the ZA-50 til then . And if you decide to sell the ZA-50, email me!Please! Thanks, Brent

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