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Hey guys, I'm not entirely moped savy but I just bought an '86 QT50 and I'm looking to upgrade the engine. I know I need the YT60 cylinder, pistons, etc....but I can't find the parts online. I've tried some main auction sites but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions about where I can find these necessary parts? Thanks in advance.

Re: QT 50 upgrade

just keep an eye on ebay thats where i got mine

get some pw50 power reeds

shave ur head

pw50 rearend

pw50 race clutch springs

and get a jemco pipe

that should get u up to 45 to 50

Re: QT 50 upgrade

"peeweecycle":http://www.peeweecycle.com has most of the engine stuff. A bigger carb and Jemco pipe is way recommended.

Don't let anyone tell you that pedals make the moped, QT50s rock.

Re: QT 50 upgrade

All of the parts are still available from Yamaha, so you can visit anywhere online that sells oem Yamaha parts, like stadiumyamaha, motogrid, etc. Just use the drop down menus to select all terrain vehicle / 1985 / yt60 and select all the parts you need. Also if you have a Yamaha dealer local to you, you can just stop on by and order.

Re: QT 50 upgrade

Yes, I've already checked all the parts/prices on BikeBandit...Cost is a bit of an issue (the reason I bought an '86 QT), so I'm trying to find a bit of a discount on eBay or other sites.

Re: QT 50 upgrade

oh, gotcha. if you go the ebay route, i think your best bet would be to find a whole yt60 motor. take what you need off it, and sell the rest. If you buy the parts individually on ebay you'll end up paying alot of $$ on shipping.

Re: QT 50 upgrade

Where can I find a jemco pipe?

Re: QT 50 upgrade

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