Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

i finnaly got some extra cash and i am wanting to kit out my puch magnum, any suggestions? if anyone interested in helping out, send me your grocery list on what you did to your bike, what you would of done different... is 80cc kit or should i go 70cc? what type of kit? also anyone know anything about swapping gear ratio on the sprockets? spokes or mags?

i know i'm asking alot, so any advice is appreciated and will be noted...

thanks again,


Re: Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

I don't know tons about kits but this is what I do know.

If you go all out and buy a polini, make sure you know what you're doing because if you scratch it up your pretty much screwed. Where as if you buy a cast iron cylinder such as a metrakit, you can have it redone.

Re: Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

64cc polini is awesome, but the 65cc Metrakit isn't compleatly ruined if you sieze it.

Mag rims = awesome.

Decent quick-setup is 64cc Polini/metra, 15mmBing / big Delorto if you feel like fronting extra monies, High compression head, and a solid exhaust. Techno Estoril if you feel like bending out your pedals a bit, Homoet if you don't.

Track down the e-bay seller TreatsHQ and he can get you a whole package together / will make sure that everything's compatible if you ask.

Re: Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

magnums dont need any pedal bending when running big pipes!!! only maxi's have this problem.

Re: Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

treatshq rocks. i need to get a dellorto off him already.

Re: Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

best "newb" kit setup is.....

65cc metrakit

high compression head

15mm bing

tecno boss or bullet exhaust

just keep the stock gearing for now and play around with that later. that setup will let u hit 45+ easily on a 1 speed with very little work.

Re: Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

That's my exact setup, but on a two-speed. We'll see how long the tranny lasts...

Re: Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

The guy who said he Polini's are fucked if you scratch them is right.

However....it's power output for a 64cc kit is due to the reeds.

I had Andy at 1977 explain it to me. Basically the reed valve ensures that you are getting a clean air-gas mixture into the chamber everytime. The benefit? A 64 Polini acts and has the same power as a 80cc Metrakit. They're simply that good.

At leas this is what he told me. Having seen the Polini's burn by everyone in Sacramento last weekend....it's hard to argue.

Careful what you order from Treats. Don't get me wrong...he has good stuff - like, he cut me a GREAT deal on an Estoril pipe.

DON'T buy his 'no-name' bargain parts. They are shit. You will get exactly what you pay for: chinese rip offs. If you want Bing....buy Bing. Same for Dellorto. I've even seen some of the bargain jets he sell.....some of them won't even thread into the main tube. Others don't even have the driver slot cut into them.

So....I don't want to crap on Treats because he's a great resource, and I'd by from him anyday....just know what you're buying.

The Estoril, by the way RIPS. I have a 78 Magnum 1 speed. And it TEARS. I'm still running stock 12mm carb and intake and filter and run mid thirties. You won't have to do anything to your pedals. I would definitely put it on a kit port though because it's flat, not angled...which the stock E50 port is. Pain to cut and weld and rebolt.

Re: Wanting to kit a Puch Magnum

i wanna thank all you guys for the responses, you've been a lot of help...

hopefully i can respond back here with a pic and results....

thanks again,


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