4 speed 125 in a moby?

i'm working on a chopper ped, essentially a lowered moby, killed all the chrome, put some sick bars on it. i got a few motors with the bike, both siezed, and i'm thinking about putting a chinese 125cc 4 speed motor on it instead of trying to resurrect the motors. i do want this thing to be fast, but i don't want to get a fat fine for registering a moped when it's a motorcycle. any thoughts? i'm pretty sure it will just fit in there, cut out all the pedal area, stand area, and weld in some motor mounts. it will be pretty fucking fast, i had one of these motors in a ct70

Re: 4 speed 125 in a moby?

Just get a Husqvarna chain saw motor, a 51 revs to 12500 and any XP motor will spin 15500 easily, so you could go faster with a one speed and still keep it in the 50cc range, just add pedals.

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