NVT Easy Rider

I really need help on upgrading my moped. Everyone says it has a Minarelli engine but it says Motori Morini on the actual engine. it's a 1976 NVT Easy Rider. two-stroke 49.65 cc, 40mm bore x 39mm stroke, C.R. 7.5:1 I can't find any parts that will fit. I want to get a 70-75cc kit and an exhaust. This is my first moped but I'm pretty resourceful and handy. 1977 mopeds doesn't have much in stock and I've tried ebay and craigs list. Please, any help is appreciated. Who's this Frederico guy and how do I get a hold of him? can he help me out? Thanks


Re: NVT Easy Rider

Here's a quick factoid about your engine: www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Morini_Franco_Motori. As for parts, try a google search for the big picture of parts availability. Also try Bob Jones (BJ) at handy bikes.com. He handles tons of NOS for these italian bikes.

Re: NVT Easy Rider

thanks, why isn't my moped on that list? what a pain. This guy that has a moped repair place near me said my moped is just like a scorpion. I'll try bob and see what happens.

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