tomos lx a35

hey i have a 06' targa runnin a technigas, 60mm jet...and a uni airfilter....i want to bore it out to a 70 with the airsal kit but i hear they startbreaking down alot....also what size carb would be best with that...27tooth sprocket is on its way

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Wow! a 60mm jet?! that seems like about 100 times too big if you ask me

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I use a 61 on my 06 sprint (a35) with an estoril and some speed holes in the air-box. It runs 45. Waiting for sprockets.

Kits are less reilable, but if you ride them smart you should have little problems. Setup and tuning, well tuning is where the trouble may lie. The metrakits are very fast.

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Kits can be very reliable if you treat them well. Break-in is the most important. Be patient. If you know you cannot be patient, up-jet a ton so you can't ride fast and lean for the first 200 miles or so. Running too hot, too fast can make your piston slightly oval. Then it won't seal well in the cylinder and won't transfer heat well... next thing you know you have blow-by and your rings are toast. The rest is a catastrophic meltdown. Some may say that they didn't do a proper break-in and their ped runs fine... but how many have gotten 10k miles out of their cheap Airsal kit running 40-45mph on a regular basis.

I run the 14/12 carb and it does just fine. The 15/15 didn't do much to increase performance.


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Eric speaks the the truth... I like running my kits slightly over there required jet size especially during the break in period. It's good to keep things cool and well lubricated during the break in period.


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i have technigas with a 14.12 and i have a 58 and totally need to upjet as it gets cooler.

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