77 Batavus VA (No Power) Suggestions?

I bought a 1977 Batavus VA last night and drove it to work this morning. Is it normal to have to petal from a stop (even on a completely flat road)? It seems to have very little power. I used to have a 71 Pepi Moped and it had a little more kick. Both have a 49cc engine. Is there anything i can try to make it run a little more powerfully? At full throddle on a flat road I can't get above about 23mph.

Re: 77 Batavus VA (No Power) Suggestions?

sounds like a clogged exhaust.

batavus have shitty starting torque, i think because of thier clutch, but it should be able to get going a bit better than that.

Re: 77 Batavus VA (No Power) Suggestions?

you need to modify your stock clutch. it is the easiest modification to do and helps increase torque. You need to open your clutch up and remove the springed circuler thing and remove the ball bearings (it twists apart at one point, be careful not to break it). Then you need to cut plastic spacers out about the same width of the ball bearings and then reinstall both the spacers and half of the ball bearings as such: bearing, spacer, bearing spacer, until the spring is full again. Then twist it back together and reinstall everything as before. You now have a modified clutch and the clutch will engage at higher rpms and you should notice greater acceleration. Also, YOu should mill your head, clean your exhaust too.

Re: 77 Batavus VA (No Power) Suggestions?

I find that the torque on my bike is fine. Whats your compression? Spark condition, clean and decarbonize your head and exhaust. Timing, clean carb, Clean air filter. Do a plug chop to see if you running at the right mixture.

Re: 77 Batavus VA (No Power) Suggestions?

Side note:

niss what plane do you own? is it still impossible to get your pilot's license if you are color blind? I am red green colorblind and cant pass those dot tests but have wanted to fly ever since i was little.

Re: 77 Batavus VA (No Power) Suggestions?

I have a 1966 Piper Cherokee 140. I cant recall if colour blindness is prohibited. The best thing to do would be to call up a local flight school and ask. If you cant get your Private Pilots license, look into the new Light Aircraft category.

I wish I could be a bit more help but unfortunatly the FAA is much differant from TC.


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