Easy mods for speed

Hey, I'm wanting to make my puch maxi (1speed 2hp), faster. Are there any easy modifications or not too expensive parts that i can buy to make it fly down the road?

Re: Easy mods for speed

theres performance exhaust pipes,

Bigger Carbs

Motor Kits for Advanced displacement

Sport Intakes

just search around to learn about these,

Re: Easy mods for speed

loose ten pounds.

Re: Easy mods for speed

change your front sprocket to a 16 tooth. You proabably have a 14 or 15 on there now. That'll give you around 3mph

Re: Easy mods for speed

drill out intake manafold,

drill holes in baffle,

drill out jet ,

add foam lawn mower filte $5

,drill out carb.

remove fenders,tank,rack,speedo,kick stand,remove pedal chain,go with aluminum handle bars,

remove thick head gasket ,mill head down on a flat brick and oil,

toss old chain replace with new chain,lube and make sure wheels spin free.line up back tire .

cut seat post ,lower center of gravity,tuck down low for more speed.

Re: Easy mods for speed

Live at the top of a big hill?

1. Performance Exhaust i.e. Bullet, Bi Turbo

2. 14mm Bing / 14mm intake

3. Good speed rated tires / clean brakes / new chain

3. Metra Kit 65cc

Then call it good enough.

45mph for $250.

Re: Easy mods for speed

45 mph for the cost of a pipe and some jets

you guys make life way to hard

its a big pump,

remove your top end gaskets for extra compression

open up your air filter and up jet

get a decent pipe, and up jet

should be in high 30's easy

Re: Easy mods for speed

if you got a bing...take it to a place with a drill press...bore that sucker out form 12 to 14mm, same with the intake. get a new pipe, regear..strip everything off that aint doing anything important. and go faster

Re: Easy mods for speed

eric. the easiest, least expensive things you can do (I can think of) are the following:

-Take out your head gasket. unbolt your header. take it off. there's a thin metal gasket between it and the cylinder. take it out, make sure everything is clean, bolt it back together.

-get a better air filter and upjet. Upjetting is increasing the size of your fuel jet. A better air filter allows more air. More air+more fuel = more good. I just went the cheap way. Pantyhose your air intake and upjet a couple sizes. You could buy a performace intake for a bing, i'm sure they're everywhere. Either way, buy a few jet sizes higher than what you have now so you can mess around with your fuel/air mix. Otherwise, if you underjet you seize, if you overjet you foul your plugs.

For the cost of some fuel jets, and about 15 minutes work you can get a smallish/decent (but noticable) boost in power/speed.

-After that, you'd get a performance pipe which isn't so cheap(but abundant for puchs)

-Then probably a cylinder kit, but thats a little more tuning and whatnot then i think you want for now.

Someone correct me if i'm wrong w/ any of this.


Re: Easy mods for speed

oh yea, these have been said before and i also think they are good advice: "loose some weight, and lower your standards".

Re: Easy mods for speed

Removing the head gasket or shaving the head will not give you any more top end, but it will help with torque for climbing hills and acceleration.

Re: Easy mods for speed

it will give you top speed if you are power limited.

Re: Easy mods for speed

Off topic, on a TOMOS, A35--new exhaust, some folks say you need to change jets. Cost: 100.00 plus A55, Just the rear sprocket to A35, and a jet change, cost about 39.00 USD. Cheapest, easiest changes from stock to 35 plus.

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