magnum x parts interchange

what part will interchange with my maxi?

Re: magnum x parts interchange

dunno, but if you get some pedal cranks you can sell them to me if you like =)

Re: magnum x parts interchange

-The engine.

-Possibly the brake assemblies.

-The controls.

-The bars.

Re: magnum x parts interchange

Starter pedal crank arm will NOT fit from Maxi to Magnum. Too short.

Arms are ok.

Re: magnum x parts interchange

Upon further reflection, just about everything mentioned above will transfer without additional work.

Shorter list is what WON'T: Fork, seat, pedal crank arm, gas tank, rear tool box on seat, side covers under seat, engine side covers, maybe rear luggage rack(?). If I have forgotten something, please let me that you have me thinking.

Re: magnum x parts interchange

the magnum x doesnt have pedals, its a kickstart e50

all the good parts will bolt up fine

Re: magnum x parts interchange

so if i install the mag x on my maxi it will have kick start and peddles and i can eliminate the clutch lever on my maxi?

port the case and throw on a polini?

the pipe wont fit will it?

the carb will stick out the right side?

does the mag x have more torque since it is on a dirt bike?

Re: magnum x parts interchange

If you take a kickstart engine from your magnum x, and put it on your maxi, you will have a kickstart maxi. However, to put the magnum x engine on your maxi, you will have to remove whatever engine is currently on it, which I assume has pedals. When you remove the engine with pedals to put the engine with the kickstart on, your bike will no longer have pedals.

Re: magnum x parts interchange

puch engines don't have pedals. But the kick start lever will interfere with the pedals.

if you want to run a polini you will be useing the polini intake not the puch one. The carb will come out the left side of the engine. You would not want to use the magnum x exhaust nor could you. The magnum x used the same cylinder as a puch manlgnum but had a larger 17mm carb. It also had a differant gear raito so yes it had more torque.

Re: magnum x parts interchange

Just swap the whole engine over to your Maxi. The carb& manifold will have to be turned around(to be sticking out the left side, when sitting on the bike). You won't need the pedals or the clutch lever/cable. The High Torque head & cylinder and carb 17mm Bing, already is the optimal combination. Port match that cylinder/case and a Good exhaust , (remember the angled exhaust port). Some high gearing and your hitting 55+

And last, the Magnum X is a dirt bike and had low gearing,for the dirt and kids. Good Luck Brent

Re: magnum x parts interchange

what about all the wires are they all there on the magnum x ? because there are no head light and brake lights. so would i have to add wires to the magneto? or are they tucked inside?

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