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This may be more of a repair question but I have a Ciao that seems to run great and has good top end (around 30-35). As far as I know it's entirely stock (at least, I haven't changed anything and the pulleys don't have any numbers on them so I can't really confirm what's on it now)

The problem is that is has hardly any torque. On level ground, from a full stop, it can barely get itself moving on it's own and even moderate hills require a pedal assist. On level ground, once it's moving, it seems to pick up well enough.

Does this just seem like a matter of a ratio issue or is something else at fault? The Ciao was badly abused and the clutch components well rusted when I got it. Cleaned up, it seems to do the job in terms of engaging and such. The clutch seems to be in decent shape (meat wise) but at a full stop I can just barely hear a slight rubbing or slipping and even with good rpm's, I hear a lot of slipping.

Maybe I just need a kit and new clutch pads?

Re: Torqueless Ciao

sounds like a normal ciao

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Cleats Onionpockets /

It could be that the variator at the rear wheel is locked in top speed mode, which would allow you to hit a nice speed, eventually. I'd have a look at the variator and see if it's expanding and contracting normally when you give it fuel. You should be able to put it up on the stand and give it a go.

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Frederick vdL /

If your clutch pads are partly bare metal, they are used up.

Your pulley might be extremely small, therefore you get a higher top speed but a lower acceleration. What size is it. Do please measure; inches or cm's is fine.

Also, your piston rings might be fried/used up...

How fast can you start the Ciao? Does it take only one meter (3 feet+-) or do you need to run a whole football field before it starts?

Jets are right? Check the sparkplug for the correct jet settings, if you know how and what method that is.

Post a pic, hehe, I love pics...

Re: Torqueless Ciao

Thanks for the responses,

There doesn't appear to be a variator, just two pulleys and a belt. I'll measure them as soon as it gets home (girlfriend rode it away to class this morning)

In regards to starting it. It's generally started on it's center stand. Cold and with the choke, it starts by the 2nd or 3rd time around. When it's moving, it's about....5 feet or so.

I'll run it and do a chop tonight and report. I've been debating ordering new shoes from zippymopeds but wanted to get some thoughts first.

Offhand...I believe compression to be good (I haven't gauged it but the whole shadetree thumb trick worked well). There isn't a head gasket on it, however. There wasn't one on the original engine or the replacement engine it came with. Seemed odd to me but again, compression seemed good enough.

I'll post pics with more info!

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