qt60 tweeking help

okay heres the set-up 81 qt50,60cc up-grade, power reed, k&n filter, 85 jet . heres the problem. Wot is kinda boggy hits 30 then slowly bogs to the wite trip odometer then power reed kicks in and zings to max speed. do i have to big of jet for this set up! the needle is set on second to top.also sometimes she bogs at wot sorta pops in and out of umph,should i down jet or get an 18mm carb also have pre-mixon top of oil pump. be fore she soft-siezed once at max speed. so i put oil in tank to soften the sieze well thats the just of it . Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Re: qt60 tweeking help

get a jemco pipe

Re: qt60 tweeking help

getting the rear gear next . not ready for the jemco yet. any other suggestion would be appreciated

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