OK...I put the 13/13 carb w/ a Mallousi Red AirFilter...Polini Top Mod One exhaust.....PLUS a 43mm Polini cylinder kit, but I'm breakin it in and haven't tried to top out yet. A Beamer next to me clocked me at 37 mph...and thats not even my peak. Its goin a whole hell of a lot faster...and when ridin today i felt that rush...SMILE>>> what else can I do to my bike???????????hehehe


Are you running a performance exhaust? The leovinci for the Ciao is awesome. I give a ton of low end and mid range including top end speed too.



if it's not variated. take the variator of a vespa grand, and put that on there. also..change to EBR forks man! the front forks on the vespa ciao suck balls



Frederick vdL /

Chief, Chad,

The LeoVince exhaust for a higher performance setup is totally not what you want, and I speak of experience when it comes to a 70cc+LeoVince... What I mean is, there is beter....... a lotttt better...

And something else, the LeoVince exhaust on that posted site is nearly 170 dollars?????? WTF....

I sell these too; 90 dollars.


Have you modified and tuned you engine and crankshaft? What pulley are you running? Have you adjusted your clutch (as in springs)? Which transmission are you running? I am guessing you got the high pressure head with the kit...?!

Tuning engine:

- inlet (make it bigger, cause it makes little sense running a 13mm carb on a 7 or 10mm inlet; I don't know what the stock inlet size is in the US, but here it's either 7 or 10mm depending on which TYPE of vespa Ciao you have...).

Crankshaft tuning can be done to also help the flow more.

And more engine tuning could be; tuning the mouth, the part at the front where the cylinder falls into... this is done to adjust the flow of petrol into the boost-ports (as we call them here) to the ignition/compression part of the cylinder...

Let me know if you have/have not done this.... I also have pics and so on on how to tune the engine fully, how many millimeters you are allowed to take off of the crankshaft+engine-inlet and into which direction! Al very important!


Hey Frederick, Just curious, how much is the total for the leovince you have with shipping to the US from the Netherlands where you are located? Also, what other pipes do you suggest for this kit and what exactly are the drawbacks of the leovince? You didn't really explain why the leovince is not the pipe you would choose.


Also, I noticed that you are out of stock for this exhaust, any idea when you will have them in stock again?


Frederick vdL /

Oh, Chad, thanks for noticing! I forgot to update that, aha.

They are back in stock.

This exhaust is not great for 70cc, cos its simply not made for 70cc. Its made for a mid range 50cc small setup; meaning, any 50cc (stock or fast version) and possibly a bigger carb which will bring up the speed and rpm.

It won't ever run great on a high performance setup; which makes more RPM than stock. This exhaust won't be able to handle the power, and the boosts which many high performance setups bring...

Especially a proper variator setup will not/never really work great with this exhaust... Ofcourse you can drive, and you will still have a reasanobly good acceleration and speed, you will never get all the potential power out of your high performance setup with this exhaust.

I suggest; Polini Top One, Polini SP, Proma Circuit (sold out, will NEVER be back in NEW condition, too bad, greatttt exhaust with - variomatic too). There are a few more good exhausts for high setups... but the LeoVince is not really one of them.

It might work great for Chiefthundernuts if he per haps did not modify his engine fully and if he is not running on full power...


oh ok, How much is the total for the leovince with shipping from netherlands to USA?


Im running the polini top mod, i would appreciate any and all info you have to offer fredrick plus some ebr's and rims if the price is right with the usa distance factor...


Frederick vdL /

Shipping for only the LeoVince exhaust should be either 31+- dollars or 43+- dollars (prices might fluctuate slightly due to the dollar which is now at 1.40 or so)...

What info do you need Chad?

EBR forks are heavy; one alone probably weighs over 2kg's and under 5kg's, so shipping will be 43 dollars for only one EBR fork.


Fredz, could you post some of the crankshaft tuning you did?

I don't have a ciao but it would be quite interesting to see anyway, and also the "mouth tuning" (i'm guessing that is the transfer ports/cylinder cut-aways)


Frederick vdL /

Well, these are not really my pics but this is how it works.


This is what you want to take off of the crankshaft... the blue stuff that is...

Make sure you take off the right amount on the right side.

So when the crankshaft is in the BCD, or top dead center (lowest point, so that means that the piston is in the lowest possible position), you take off 5mm off on top and 15mm off on the bottom.

Like so...

This can be done with a CNC Machine (Computer Numerical Code Machine) or with one of those other pieces of briliant tools, which I actually do not know the name of anymore in English...

This is what you end up with.



For example, you can improve the flow by taking away this part:

And making it so:

You basically have to round it off.

About the mouth of the engine, I can't seem to find any pics.

The inlet can be done so:

- Take a 13mm drill.

- Do not drill deeper than 18mm

It is not really important how you drill out the inlet, as long as you end up making it bigger; especially higher. The reason a Speed Engine (by Polini) has its intake higher up against the crankshaft is so that the flow is better.

Can be done like so:

And finished so:

What you end up with then is something like this:

I'll try to find the other pics of the mouth part of the engine. What you basically want to do, however, is to extend the ports of the stock engine. The ports from the carter which work in combination with a stock cylinder are not going to be the best for a, for example, 70cc Polini or 70cc DR kit.

Therefore you take a look at the top and side ports of your cylinder and by seeing those you adjust these to your engine by extending the engine ports; make them deeper into the carter, wider and more to the back (in the direction of the inlet).

I will find pics soon!



awesome pictorial, kinda makes me want a bravo or grande now...


haha this is pretty dumb of me but i didn't realise ciao's used the same type of induction as the bigger vespas...now i get what you mean by the crank tuning fredz!

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