Modified Exhaust Pipe

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Leo Vince Handmade expansion pipe for two stroke scooters.

We're gonna lop off the header and weld it to the chappy. Hopefully there will be pictures when its said and done. Should be going down today.

Question. I'm sure the bandits will advise me. But if you put an expansion pipe on a bike. Do you jet up or down? I'm already jetted way up.

I have:

19mm polini carb 108 dellorto jet

70cc polini kit Cast iron

Chappy heads are super high compression stock

And currently running pretty much a straight pipe with a silencer.

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

upjet usually...some mopeds don't need it though, for instance when you add a proma to a stock pa50

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

what is that exhaust even for?

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

Looks like a twist n go scooter pipe. The angle of the header looks like maybe a honda dio, or minarelli angled cylinder.

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

holy shit look at the welds on that. whoever welded it, burnt the shit out of that metal. holy crap. how could they use that as a display pic. i hope it doesnt break on ya.

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

Um...Most raw look pipes, look like that.

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

they shouldn;t look like the burned to fuck metal 3/8" on each side of the welds.

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

Those damn welding robots! How dare they.

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

That's gonna work awesome.

My Techno Estoril has crazy welds like that, and it's the baddest, toughest pipe ever.

Love it.

Take pics of it on your Chappy - should look sweet.


Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

yeh i think those welds looks sweet...the metals not burnt is it? doesnt it just change colour when it gets heating above a certain temp? a lot of car exhausts are that kind of colour

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

the shiny area directly adjacent to the welds is indicative of either poor technique or electric welding. Most pipes are gas welded, giving them the nice coloration, this looks electric welded for some reason, it doesn't matter either way, i'm sure whoever put that much work into a pipe knows what they are doing.

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

when are we gonna get pics?!

Re: Modified Exhaust Pipe

Thanks for your inspiration. I manned up and made my one piece biturbo that was sitting in the corner a 2 piece, and attatched it to my new pacer m1 morini, and I'm kicking up a few more miles an hour with some improved acceleration on the mid range.

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