attn. gas tank builders ,input needed

i want to make my pinto frame a gas tank,can someone give me some pointers, what petcock to use. how to attach the petcock.what about rear vent, how did you install the feedneck?



Re: attn. gas tank builders ,input needed

I think you should use aluminum if you are building a custom tank. No rust problems.

Re: attn. gas tank builders ,input needed

why didnt i think of that?

thanks! great idea

Re: attn. gas tank builders ,input needed

try to find a soft alloy, 3003 or 5052, 6061 will crack with too much beating and tends to crack when you bend it in a break. .080 5052 is what we work with mainly at the sign shop, and it can be beaten and worked quite a bit and welds very nicely

Re: attn. gas tank builders ,input needed

The best was is to not to try to reinvent the wheel. Use either your pinto tank or another tank.

cut the filler cap and the assembly it mounts to. Weld that onto the frame.

Weld the open end of the frame up and then find a way to install a one way valve that will allow you to vent.

Then just cut out the threads you connect the petcock to and weld

that into the lowest point of your frame.

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