tony saprano

People like this are incourageing the importing of low class junk in to our country from a source that has no interest in quality.

example:1 poison in whet gluten killed pets

2 lead paint on children's toys

What will be next scooters that are bought by self righteous jack-asses

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The internet is Bombarded by these 50CC CRAP scooters! Why would anyone in their right mind buy one of these when you can find a BEAUTIFUL Puch or the like at a grage sale for $50??


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Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Scooters are the safety scissors of two-wheeled conveyance. Require little to no thought to operate or maintain. When it breaks, throw it away.

I can recognize the fact Tony is doing performance work on his QingQi scooter, but he's just in the wrong forum. Some of us are saying it louder and more harsh than others, but seriously Tony, what you have is a chinese scooter, not a vintage or traditional moped. The problem you might have is that you are really, _really_ unique. When the great unwashed masses buy a scooter, they don't _care_ about it. You care enough about your scooter to tinker with it. Maybe you can find others that share your passion.

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I concur the dude is a real bone head, I want him to go shit out of his mouth.....

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Cleats Onionpockets /

And what exactly does this thread accomplish?

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I have my doubts as to whether those pictures that he posted were of his scooter. Anyone who would have the where with all to modify a scooter in that fashion surely would be able to tell the difference between a scooter and a bonefide moped, one has pedals the other doesn't, sounds simple to me.

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It defines the price of tea in China.

Or should I say scooter?

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Funny, maybe in 30 years there will be a scooter army and the chinese scooters will be considered vintage. You wonder if they'll all have rusty gas tanks or if they are plastic.

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considering how they take a shit after three months the odds of them making it to vintage status? unlikely.

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Where do I even start with an imbecile such as yourself retrojap / triplenik , I am not sure whether you are unable to read or spell either way you are illiterate. It is spelled SOPRANO not SAPRANO. Yes I would have let this spelling error go as a typographical error until I read the content of your post it is ENCOURAGING not INCOURAGEING. Then there is your hyphen use self-righteous no space, and jackasses is one word no hyphen necessary.

So tell me how am I promoting Chinese made products? Have I not always referred to their build quality as spotty, their welds as smeared bird crap? Yes on both counts. Did I take the original engine from the scooter and attempt to build upon that? NO, I did not, I took a Japanese engine and built upon that. Frankly the European moped is dead and the European scooter is dying (along with the Japanese scooter) Am I to blame that well known European and Japanese marques are subcontracting their designs to Chinese companies to produce their inferior products under the well known brands to whom they subcontract? Would I ride a Chinese bike on the highway, not as they are built now, but wait, people were saying that about Japanese bikes a few decades ago when they flooded the US marketplace with cheap motorcycles and no one knew who Honda, Hodaka, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki were.

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Then don't say in your profile: "Yeah my Chinese moped is faster than your old garbage." - Obviously they aren't garbage buddy - Obviously they were built better than your ride - lets see how many more decades of mistreatment you got in that machine and see how it holds up rained on and in a shed for 20 years with water in the crank case (by the way I've revived 2 Garelli VIP's both with that treatment verbatim).

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