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I got a swinger 2 with an E-50 engine that I am trying to get a little more juice out of. I am planning on keeping the engine 50 cc, but I want to replace the exhaust carb and air filter. I thinking about replacing the exhaust first, does anyone out there have some good suggestions for set ups on an E-50. I'm not looking for high end speed, I mean 40 would be nice, but I really want to try and improve the low end as she can be a little bit of a dog off the line.

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estoril they whip ass, getting one for my puch. or polini estoril i would say. costs more, but i've heard you get good gains with it

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I just put a Techno Estoril on my Magnum with the E50 and I love it.

However, the low end so far doesn't seem to be vastly improved. It's when I hit 10mph that the bike finds a new life in terms of acceleration. It increased my top end by almost 5mph. I still run everything original stock - my leaky bing, intake, and filter....and I go 35.

Just remember that you're going to be doing some modification to get a performance pipe on there since the port is angled. I had quite a time chopping, welding, re-chopping and re-welding and making a custom bracket for the back.

It's definitely not easy. You can take it to a pro and either have them a) bend it to fit....or b) weld it for you. Cutting isn't a big deal, nor is the grinding to get the correct angle. It's the left-right angle that's going to get you....and I mean, if you miss by a few millimeters or so, you'll be off by a couple of inches on the back end. So you really have to be EXTRA precise.

Also, I had to take my kickstand off...but that's really only because I have rear rider footpegs and couldn't angle the pipe up any further. You probably won't have that problem.

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regear, that will fix the low end accel

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hey cory if you're getting an estoril, find me some magnum pedal cranks too. i was thinking bout copping an estoril too

Re: puch exhaust preferences

ok, will do!

Re: puch exhaust preferences

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