Pic of my H20 cooled moped

Well this is one of my ideas of how a moped should be powered.


Pic of my H20 cooled moped

It'd be even cooler if what you owned was an actual moped.

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Hellarad Johnnny Johnnny /

not a moped dude.

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Registered as a moped, titled as a moped, plated as a moped. Legally it is a moped.

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But it's not

And as soon as you accept that you will be much more accepted

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I forgot to mention that I really like the setup and give you props for making it happen.

How about a few photos of the bike as a whole and a little detail on the motor.

I keep threatening that I am going to strap a Rs50 6 speed engine onto a moped.

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"Legally" doesn't mean much. A judge can declare that a duck is a shovel, but it still wont be very useful for digging holes.

Not a moped.

But hey, cool setup.

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Well the engine is a Yamaha YZ series, polished as you can see. Boyesen pro series reeds, high compression head, Wiseco piston & sleeve, Kevlar Barnett clutch, Wiseco forged clutch basket, custom cooling port (cut and weld as the stock is in the wrong position, same for the h20 pump port) The engine has numerous internal modifications and is quite literally a race engine.

With the engine came the addition of a radiator that is mounted via brackets to the right side of the frame the radiator placement allows the front tire to act aerodynamically as an air dam forcing air through the radiator. Radiator is fed by stainless cooling tubes located below the frame, standard heater hose is utilized to make the final radiator and engine connections. The outside air dam is standard Yamaha issue.

The intake flange is custom as I need to angle the carb off to the side, a small section of high temp race silicon hose mounts up the carb to the flange. Bike retains handlebar controls for the clutch and the choke.

The adapter plate that mounts the engine to the final drive I made on a CNC Machine, I am working on a new set of adapters for the engine to swing arm mounts.

The exhaust is a Pro Circuit Ceramic race pipe, this has been modified and the revised mounting system remains constant with the geometrical articulation of the rear wheel.

Gas tank is designed after a fuel cell, petcock is mounted over the rear tire for access (since body work conceals most of the mechanics of the engine). It is all aluminum, fully welded and notched for extra capacity over the spark plug.

Rear luggage rack has been modified to accommodate the fuel tank.

The moped maintains the center stand which has been revised to use the lower engine mounts as the fulcrum on which to pivot, a child can easily lower the center stand.

The forward controls are custom fabricated from plate steel, custom shift linkage, which is fully adjustable as to rider preference and weight. The moped retains standard motorcycle like controls shift linkage on the left rear brake on the right.

The seat is being re-covered, and is a standard height adjustable bicycle type seat, standard for a moped.

I'll take more pics tomorrow and get them posted

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Thats great, might be fast but it is still a toilet. Tony, that is in no way a moped.

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shoving feathers up your ass does not make you a chicken!

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where are the pedals?

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Yeah! thats a good question steve...

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It MUST have pedals to be a moped. It doesn't matter what state/country says "constistutes" being a moped.

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Nice work!

whats all the big deal about having pedals?

,i would rather pegs anyway.

as far as being legal.........

um legal mopeds go 20mph.

i will pay you to do that to my Pinto or put that motor on my Pinto.

why dis tha dude?

keep up the good work ,post more pics! i love this performance stuff ,one day i will have a water cooled,disc break,hydrolic front end,and monoshock rear.

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I'll keep it up until Tony admits it is a scooter and lets go of this idea that plates and titles make it a moped.

It is not a MoPed Tony, I'll admit I admire your skills and that you took the time to CNC some parts, or at least were of intelligence enough to give someone a set of drawings. I'll admit that I am impressed with the amount of work you have done to make a "Kick ASS!" SCOOTER

But claiming that your scooter is a MoPed just because of the paper work and tags you have is just dumb! Just admit it is a scooter, ride it, tell us about your rides and such, and have fun


Re: Pic of my H20 cooled moped

a judge would never declare that a duck is a shovel. Ducks hvae no political influence and they don't give kickbacks from their profits. Ducks aren't corrupt enough to be legally deemed a shovel. A judge would probably rule that McDonalds is a health food store though.

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Damn: Haven't you heard of photoshop? The photo is so large you cannot see all of it except be scrolling all over.

Before you send any more photod how about re-sizeing them to about 8X6 or something similar.


Re: Pic of my H20 cooled moped

but to who it matters to...not a moped, cool setup tho! good job on the work man...how long did it take? what water pump did you use?

Legally its a moped

My bike is legally classified as a moped, and even modified is essentially more a moped than many other bikes that fall within the same legal classification.

Pedals are disappearing from mopeds it gives the bikes a stigma of being weak, anemic and generally uncool. Manufacturers today are trying to make mopeds more like motorcycles so they are better able to compete.

So your argument is that any moped that goes over 30 is not a moped, so essentially every Tomos sold is not a moped regardless if it has pedals or not. For years tomos has offered mopeds with or without pedals.

Let’s see, my bike uses a 2 cycle engine, step through frame, bicycle style seat, center stand all classic moped features.

A Sachs MadAss uses a Honda 4 cycle MC engine, trail bike inspired frame, motorcycle seat, MC wheels, MC style kickstand yet you call it a moped?

You don't like the changing face of mopeds, guess what you need to get use to it, the old classic mopeds are going through shredders faster that you can imagine, steel is at an all time high, the old mopeds that were languishing in salvage yards are being cleared out due to lack of general interest, many salvage yards have fallen victim to high land prices and have been forced to sell their land to developers shrinking the number of salvage operators many of whom simply scrap mopeds as soon as they come in, as they are focused on high interest high production motorcycles.

The other force working against mopeds is that as they fell out of popularity the laws were forgotten, many shady dealers sold mopeds along with their gas scooters (go-ped style) and pit bikes, mini bikes, mini choppers and similar gas powered items to kids and their parents who did not know any better and believed they were legal to operate on the street, lots of kids got hurt or worse. Many municipalities made reactionary decisions to force all gas mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles to be treated the same under the eyes of the law, same MC license, insurance, helmet requirements. It was these rash changes that have essentially killed the moped in many parts of the country. People that once would have considered a moped now just step up to a more reliable Honda Nighthawk.

Lets face it the last "real moped" by your standards is the Tomos, which has already been selling Chinese made scooters, and when the A55 is no longer able to meet EPA emission standards the Chinese line will be expanded. And with the demise of the Tomos moped, kinetic, avanti, etc will have already retreated... well that's already happened to a great extent.

Re: Legally its a moped

You are a true bone head aren't you....

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fuck new mopeds. you can have them all.

Legally its a moped

Yeah, that's a nice diatribe about the demise of the vintage moped. What you are failing to realize is that this site exists due to the fact they are becoming more rare by the day. We come here to give and take information related to mopeds, not scooters. While there area few newer Tomos riders in the rank, the vast majority of people here own vintage mopeds.

You don't go posting pics of your Ford Taurus in the Model T forum, do you? No, because they are two totally different things. Geesh, but they're both Fords and have four wheels with an engine and stuff. Why are they not liking the pictures of my Taurus with that cool spoiler on it? Don't they realize that my Taurus starts with the letter "T" too? Maybe I should talk to them about how they're cars are going by the wayside because they are so outdated and not really convenient or marketable anymore.

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He's crackin' down on us. From his profile:

"To (sic) many fags, sissys (sic), dorks and losers are proliferating the moped masses. Tony Soprano's crew is here to change that."

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i always thought that moped stood for motor/pedal?the only thing that keeps me from having to go through registration problems is that i have pedals. as long as i have pedals in my county i am ok to ride with out any paper work.

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It isn't, even in Arizona. Mopeds in Arizona must have pedals, like we haven't heard that enough from Jerry. Ditto with BC and several other locals, in fact if they don't have pedals here you need a plate.

Re: Legally its a moped

what jake said

Re: Legally its a moped

Thanks Bry excelent way to put it..

Tony, take your scoooter and you moped bashing over to scooterbbs.com. You'll be more welcome there....

more pictures

As an aside, so with fewer and fewer "Real Mopeds" you would rather I cut up a classic, and make a Puch, Tomos etc go 145mph?

Legally its a moped

Awww, man - I can't believe that I put "they're" instead of "their." I look like a loser. Or, as some would say, a looser.

more pictures

No, we'd rather that you just go away.

If you can't appreciate the vintage moped scene, why are you here?

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