quick dellorto question

will a dellorto sha work on my kitted 70cc puch maxi?

will it work well?

Re: quick dellorto question

Short answer is yes.

You have a a choice in the sizes too. I'd go straight to a 16.16 if you're buying it new. And depending on the kit you can get a 16mm Mallosi intkae that will actually fit the carb right without ghetto rigging.

Re: quick dellorto question

Aaron McTaggart /

i second going for the 16. malossi kit sounds like a wise idea...i have a 15.15 sha on my stock maxi with the aftermarket manifold (made for kits) from 1977. The manifold does a nice job of getting the carb out of the way, and the bottom port with match a kit cylinder, but i wouldn't recommend it - it's made out of some crappy cast aluminum(mine is cracked), and one of the nuts is practically impossible to tighten effectively.

anyway, just get the malossi. dellortos are the sex.

Re: quick dellorto question

A 16.16 SHA on a 70cc works like a charm. Excellent throttle response.

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