post kitting questions

so this is my 1st kit experiance..I have a 76 puch maxi, e50. I just put a 65cc metrakit on it. It started up, 1st kick ran well, but sounded somewhat dull,or muffled. not that crisp pop that I'm used to. so I killed it and noticed a burny smell coming from the head gasket area. I upjetted to an 84 in a 15mm bing. started it again, and it sounded better for a minute or two but then went back to muffled, and the smell was still kinda there and it bogs with opened throttle. there is also a small bit of oil leaking I think from the head gasket. I plan to re-torque my engine bolts. what else should I do, what is happenning????


Re: post kitting questions

i would tighten bolts and check for air leaks.

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