polini porting questions

Alright, I have a one speed puch polini with some port matching done. I did not however do the top ports, I have heard that this can affect the top end in a negative manner, but affect the mids and make it crazy fast in the mid range. Is it bad to run a polini without the top porting done? Will doing the top ports slow you down on the top end? How far should you go back on both the transfer ports and the top ports....to the depth that the stock transfer ports? Can anyone post a picture of a good ported case to match the polini for the puch, and finally..what type of race crank should I get, I saw the post about the new crank in SF go after only like 1000 miles. Thanks.

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no, thats a myth

yes but use care

no pics sry

top racing crank, rito = poopy, another one of the ritos here came with the magneto woodrift key slot in the wrong place.

a puch guy can tell u more

Re: polini porting questions


Re: polini porting questions


My case is fully port matched for the polini, which includes the little porting at the top of the bore (I think this is the area you're talking about) While I never compared the engine with and without that area done, I can say that in combination with a Top racing crank I have an engine which with 18/45 gearing and a bing 15 can pull off well enough from a stop to not drive me crazy (Savannah GA grid system) while also peaking at 51mph. The pipe is an estoril so no doubt that that had enhanced the midrange, but for being built with midrange in mind (aside from the single jet bing, which has since been changed) the engine has a very broad power curve for a moped. Also, never seen a rito in person, but I back Top racing 100% The packaging is cheezy, and as a designer that had me second guessing the product... until I opened the box. You wouldn't be disappointed. I got mine before the stuffed cranks were all over so that adds to your decision making with regards to mid vs. top, but do your homework and you'll be in good shape. And port the shet outta that betch!

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