Estoril for Tomos Targa LX

Hey just a quick question. I just got the estoril pipe and was curious to see how others have mounted the exhaust pipe to their Tomos mopeds. I'm looking for the strongest option. The pipe wont mount on the bracket on the moped now, so if I'm doing a custom mounting, I want to do it right. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Estoril for Tomos Targa LX

I used a piece of aluminum flat bar stock to mount it. I think it should line up with the stock rear mount on A35 bikes but my exaust mount is missing anyway.

Re: Estoril for Tomos Targa LX

Nick Kunst /

Alright, with some slight modifications to the bracket on the moped, i got the pipe on. It looks great, and initial tests without up-jetting, I easily went over 40 MPH. I'm still interested in how you all mounted your pipes.

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