Uni Pod question.

To save me the time of pulling off the engine cover, can anyone tell me which size Uni Pod filter fits the stock '07 LX carb?




The online vendors don't specify, but I want to buy locally.

Re: Uni Pod question.

Peabs the diameter is 1 5/8 inches. They come in different lengths. My brother uses a 4 inch long filter. I prefer the 6 inch. I think the more element the more free flow. I bought my arrow and revival from Myron's Mopeds in Fullerton. We have a Myron's Moped Ride every month. The next one is Oct 14 starting in Costa Mesa by PCH and Superior going through Newport, going across to Balboa Island via ferry and down PCH to Dana Point. You are welcome to join us. More info on WWW.myronsmoped.com.

By the way you will have to jet up with the uni pod air filter.

Re: Uni Pod question.

Did you derestrict your intake yet?

Re: Uni Pod question.

No, I didn't. Do you think that's a better idea? I might avoid rejetting, but how does it compare? I'm really only looking for about a 3mph boost. And which method seems better...drilling a few holes or cutting up the snorkel?

I'm reasonably savvy with mechanics, but the 'ped is also my commuter. So I worry about any project which would take me off the road for more than a few hours. How long does a rejet take, generally?

Re: Uni Pod question.

minutes...if you have the jets it shouldn't take you more then an hour of plug chops...or if you know basically what size jet you need you should be able to get it done super fast.

Re: Uni Pod question.

Hey Peabs. You will need to derestrict the intake before flowing more from any filter. Take the side cover off to get to the carb and take off the carb by loosening the band clamp. Cut the rubber grommet the snorkel is coming out of to the same size if the catb mouth. Once done any free flow filter will work. You will not need to jet up after derrestricting. Your idle adjustment screw should be about 11/2 turns to 11/4 turns from close as a reference point and fine tune from there. Don't drill holes in the air box unless you like it louder. The better way is to hog out the port of the air box that fits into the frame. At this point you will need to up jet from stock#55 jet to #56 jet. The best stock like set up is to derestrict and change rear gear to 22t. This set up you don't have to up jet and will go 37 to 38 mph all day long when broken in.

Re: Uni Pod question.

Hey Peabs, come and ride with us on Myron's ride. You will meet people that are a plethora of information on fabrication and modifications. The guy that won fastest moped in Kalamazoo rides with us. We will help you set your bike up to what ever you want. All information and technical knowledge is with us. Plus you can't pass on the fun. Every stop light is like a swarm of bees when the light turns green.

Keep on riding,


Re: Uni Pod question.

Hey thanks, Marvin.

You clarified some of the data I'd gotten from tomosmopeds.org. They had photos, but not much in the way of putting them into effect. This helps.

I'd love to hit Myron's ride, but I'm going to be in upstate NY for a wedding. Thanks anyways. I'll keep checking his site for future dates.

Re: Uni Pod question.

Happy to help.

Re: Uni Pod question.

I derestricted about two weeks ago and I have to say there is very little difference. When the bike is undeniably warmed up, there is some noticeable performance improvement (37mph?) (stock speedo) (yeah yeah, I know), but it takes plenty long to reach that point as the morning commute temperature is in the 50's.

I'm going to order some jet sizes and pick up a Uni filter. I'll update this after that is done.

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