Motobecane AV10 advice

Hi Bret.

I know there are other AV10 tuners out there now but back when I put my project on hold Bret was the man.

I am going to be finishing up with my Model 40 65cc airsal AV10 very soon now.

I just need 2 pieces now but first let me explain what I want from this bike.

1- I am NOT looking to do infinite tuning for optimal performance.

2- I am NOT interested in winning races

3- I DO NOT want to go deaf riding this baby

4- I DO NOT want to get worse mileage then my car (I am looking at you Brett Walker)

4- I am not interested in modifying the frame or removing the pedals for an exhaust pipe.

5- I DO want want it to go faster and quicker then stock, but I am not looking reinvent the wheel.

For those who do not know me I am very good with motobecanes all ready. I have rescued about a dozen from certain death and put them back on the road again. I have just never done any of this kit shit before.

-I need an exhaust pipe. Stock I figure would probably fit the bill best right? Is everything else still shit like it was last year?

Shay do you still need to get rid of that AV10 pipe?

-I need to select a carb. I all ready have two intakes (thanks Bret) one is 15mm one is 17mm I think. I have not yet determined which one will work better.

Honestly is a 15mm carb going to leave this thing starving for air? I think a SHA15 would probably be fine but I know some of you weirdos put 20mm carbs on your bikes.

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bret style responce, if ur new to the kit thing then just think of it this way, its just like astock cylinder just alittle bigger, tune accordingly

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i would suggest a nice pipe, something better than stock like the leovince they sell on quarterkick. i think you can keep the pedals with one of them.

just get a carb to match whatever intake you are running.

15mm should be fine.

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i still have the pipe. two varieties now actually. the stock leovinci looking one and one that resembles the AV7 pipe. i dont want either. i'll sell them both to you if you want.

Re: Motobecane AV10 advice

Thanks folks.


What is "the stock leovinci looking one?"

Is that the one pictured in your profile?

if so do the pedals still spin OK?

is the "one that resembles the AV7 pipe" the actual stock AV10 pipe?

Re: Motobecane AV10 advice

stock leovinci looking one is the one in my profile. it came on the MBK magnum. the pedal arm hits it a little bit but wouldnt if you bent it out a little bit.

the other one is the actual stock av10 pipe. it smells a little weird.

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OK, have you tried them both?

on stock or kits?

Which one works better?

What would you charge?

Is one way louder?

Thanks Shay

Re: Motobecane AV10 advice

i've only used the one in my profile, on a stock cylinder and its not really loud at all. i'd imagine the silver one is probably a little quieter. you can have them both for 50 shipped.

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