e50 engine seal

Is this seal in backwards? It seems like it should be flipped around the other way. I know this motor has been apart several times; maybe someone put it in wrong. Any ideas? I'm replacing all the seals and bearings but want to put it back the correct way.




Re: e50 engine seal

The open part of the seal should face inward.

Re: e50 engine seal

thats what I thought. Right now the open part is facing out towards the sprocket. Thanks

Re: e50 engine seal

I have seen these from the factory all different ways. Maybe it doesn't matter because the pressures which can be both negative or positive in the cranks rotation are not great

Re: e50 engine seal

I just checked the manual and it shows it facing out like how it is in the picture. hmmm. Anyone know for sure?

Re: e50 engine seal

In the attached picture should the metal cup side of the seal be facing the bearings or should the green side be facing the bearings?


Re: e50 engine seal

depends on which side you r speaking about e-mail me ill set yiu straight


Re: e50 engine seal

"Seals are installed with the cup side outboard, away from crankcase pressure"

Pg 95 (19 of 25) http://www.mopedriders.org/html/manuals/dempsey/dempsey6.pdf

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