Make My Garelli Go Faster!

So I just bought my first moped about a week ago. It's a 1980 Garelli VIP 2V. It had some stuff wrong with it, but my friends been helping me with it. It wasn't running with the muffler on so I unclogged it and it still wouldn't run with it on. We put in a slightly bigger jet in it and now it's 4mph faster than it was before AND it runs with the muffler. But it goes abour 29 on flat. Down hills it hits like 31 or 32 and it starts sounding like it's going to explode. It makes a horrible noise so I just let off the throttle. So I'm just trying to figure out if there are little things I could do to make it run faster or if I should just buy a kit. And if I have to buy a kit are there any websites that would have a kit compatible with my Garelli? Holla back!

Re: Make My Garelli Go Faster!

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most people say to getting it running as is first before you kit it.

its better you fix all the problems now so you dont run into them

having new performance parts in.

Re: Make My Garelli Go Faster!

hey michael does it have the original air filter and box? Make sure you tuning it with that on, because that has alot of effect on the fuel air mix. My first garelli would do 35 on flats easily stock. It was a rallysport. I think your VIP should be able to do this stock too, keep at it, lemme know how it goes!

Re: Make My Garelli Go Faster!

michael what's wrong with 29? Wait until I get my 15.15're never going to keep up!

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