Re: Viva LaResistance. French bikes need fast pip

i was just saying, thats a really good picture. you said it was shitty, i was saying that is a nice pic in your profile

Re: Viva LaResistance. French bikes need fast pip


Re: Viva LaResistance. French bikes need fast pip

mark if u don't want performance look just use the stock pipe, either the 50v or av10 stock pipe and remove the rear baffle like shays artical said to if u run the av10 pipe.

seriously if u don't go for a real pipe cuz of the look, then don't even try and get any pipe at all use ur stock one you obviously don't want the power, and paying for a pipe thats does little or nothing and makes the bike louder and shittyer looking is stupid, the stock 50v pipe is quiet, gives good power, and looks the best.

i've gone neck and neck with a bike that had the same setup as mine along time ago with the high priced leovinci pipe (not the cobra) and my bike was faster all around with the ninja.

Re: Viva LaResistance. French bikes need fast pip

Hey, thanks a lot Cory, it looks amazing in person, I guess I just have overly high standards when it comes to photography.

Alright, good to know Elliot. I just didn't want to pay close to $200 to go all of 2mph faster. I also was not looking for bleeding edge performance on this moby. So if I could get away with a small expansion exhaust that would be a big step over the stock 50v pipe, I would have been thrilled, but I guess I'll see what kind of speeds I can get on the kit using stock first.

As you along with everyone else knows the AV7 isn't the motor to go for ultra performance on. I have other plans in the works for all out performance.

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